SALT Projects
HUMAN DIGNITY is a basic human right! This project centres around SALT assisting women in our surrounding community with certain legalities such as identity documents, grant applications and birth certificates for their children. Women are counselled according to their specific need such as unemployment, health and life skill issues.
EDUCATION is a basic human right! Every child deserves the right to equal education in South Africa and SALT strives to create an environment where students are given equal opportunities through support in various levels.
FOOD is a basic human right! We do believe that it’s wiser to give a man a fishing rod and teach him to fish, but we also see a need in the community to first make this man strong enough to hold the fishing rod! In so many cases, the side effects of TB/HIV/AIDS is so severe that people need assistance to become strong enough to attend skills training etc.
Social activism is an intentional action with the goal of bringing about social change. We feel strongly about seeing drastic change within our communities and want to be part of the solution and not the problem.



In South Africa there is a lack of adequate social and health services, which results in vulnerable families, vulnerable foster mothers and children, and dis-empowered women. SALT has seen how these conditions impact negatively on individual’s human dignity. SALT believes that everyone has the right to have their own dignity respected and protected. SALT aims to restore dignity through assisting families by meeting their social and health needs.


South African communities remain challenged by malnourished children and families, a lack of food security and nutrition for those fighting TB/HIV/AIDs, increase in hunger in school-going children, and vulnerable women or families due to high unemployment rate. SALT believes that food is a basic human right and together with self-development we see true life change. SALT partners with local schools, clinics, feeding sites and community social workers to provide nutrition and growth opportunities.


A large portion of South African learners do not have access to quality foundation education. This in turn impacts on the learner’s primary and secondary education. Additionally, research has shown that the average grade 1 student has 44% chance of reaching matric in the correct time, and once getting to matric will only have 14% chance of being qualified to enter into university. SALT believes that dramatic social change is centered on education. SALT has come alongside grass-root level ECD centres and high school students to provide life-changing opportunities.


One Day Without Shoes

One day without shoes is a TOMS initiative to bring global awareness to children's health and education by going without shoes for one specific day a year. In Cape Town ODWS has been incredibly popular with local schools and businesses. In 2014 we collected over 10,000 pairs of shoes, and hundreds of people join SALT in going barefoot for the day.