SALT Projects


In South Africa there is a lack of adequate social and health services, which results in vulnerable families, vulnerable foster mothers and children, and disempowered women. SALT has seen how these conditions impact negatively on individual’s human dignity. SALT believes that everyone has the right to have their own dignity respected and protected. SALT aims to restore dignity through assisting families by meeting their social and health needs.


Nineteen percent of South Africa children have lost one or both parents. Eighty seven thousand children live in child-headed households. Over 88,600 children were declared in need of care by a children’s court during 2009/10. Before they reach 1 month of age, 23000 babies who have survived birth died. Seventy five thousand children in total die before their fifth birthday

This project centers on SALT assisting women and vulnerable children in SALT’s surrounding community. Our target clients are senior women, vulnerable children, safety parents, high health-risk women and vulnerable women. Our casework therefore varies between providing support to a safety mother to intervening where there is an at-risk child who is in need of health or social intervention. We have an assessment-based interview with each of our clients following which various interventions will be put in place. We have recently launched information workshops (mainly centered around health and safety) as well as small Pay-it-forward programs.

Success: with all our clients’ cases being highly confidential, we will merely mention that we have had much success in supporting many safety moms, intervening with severe at-risk children, and supported people in receiving qualifications and job/internship placements.


What’s next? SALT would like to expand our reach and open up a second campus for Isidima – this will give us access to the broader Milnerton area.

VIDEO: Isidima Volunteers