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The Impact of Poverty on a Child’s Mental Health

Take a look at this article, which summarises the findings of a study out of Cornell University about the way children’s mental health can be permanently affected by growing up in poverty.

As children growing up in poverty are exposed to greater levels of stress, they are more likely to be at risk of developing issues such as antisocial and aggressive behaviour, chronic physical stress that lingers into adulthood, as well as stunted short-term memory functions. The latter is alarming, as short-term memory serves as a foundation for a number of cognitive functions.
Note: this does not mean that every child growing up in poverty will develop these problems, but the stress associated with growing up in a low-income household can create a vulnerability to these issues.
At SALT, we want all children to thrive and reach their full potential. For this reason, we focus on assisting vulnerable children through our nutrition and education programmes.


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