SALT Projects


South African communities remain challenged by malnourished children and families, a lack of food security and nutrition for those fighting TB/HIV/AIDs, increase in hunger in school-going children, and vulnerable women or families due to high unemployment rate. SALT believes that food is a basic human right and together with self-development we see true life change. SALT partners with local schools, clinics, feeding sites and community social workers to provide nutrition and growth opportunities.

Food is a basic human right

Thirty six percent of all South Africans living in Urban Informal Environments are at risk of hunger. Nutrition and health are interlinked; poor nutrition leads to poor health. This impacts on job performance, concentration in school environments as well as immune strength for combating diseases such as TB, AIDS, and others. SALT distributes 6000 food parcels a year through our vulnerable women and children program, senior citizens, community based emergency care and 2 primary schools. The food parcel feeds a family of four for one week and includes: 2.5kg white mealie meal, 500g brown speckled beans, 2 x 1kg samp, 200g savoury soya mince, 1kg sugar, 400g peanut butter, 500g white rice and 500g salt. Each of our light bags are closely monitored and its use as well as impact is continually assessed.

School feeding

To think that one child would go to school hungry every day is heartbreaking to know that thousands do every day is an injustice.
Teachers are concerned about the fact that they are seeing an increase in the number of children coming to school either not having had a breakfast and no lunch packed for the day. This is due to poverty in the home. Many of these schools fall into areas where Government does not accommodate school feeding programs.
Statistics confirm that malnourished children perform at a lower level than children who have 3 balanced meals a day. Malnutrition also affects the emotional health of a child and can suffer from depression as adults as a direct result.
SALT provides breakfast and lunch to several primary schools