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The YeBo Programme

One of the largest challenges faced by children and adolescents attending school in townships is the lack of a safe environment in which they can complete their homework. SALT has the privilege of addressing this need by running the Year Beyond (YeBo) Programme in partnership with the Cape Town Premier’s Office.

The YeBo Programme offers students in Dunoon a secure environment for studying and tackling schoolwork. University students working as interns for the Premier’s Office act as tutors for all school subjects; providing additional academic support for learners. Approximately 70 Grade 8 and 9 learners are currently enrolled in the programme, which is aimed at students beginning their high school career. These scholars attend Inkwenkwezi High School, which serves as home base for the YeBo Programme, as well as being one of SALT’s partner schools.

SALT was recently able to provide 200 chairs for Inkwenkwezi High School, which will be used for the YeBo Programme as well as day-to-day classes. With 1300 students and limited resources, students often had to share chairs and desks or sit on the floor during class. As one of SALT’s objectives is to empower our community through accessible education, we are proud and humbled to be able to assist students in their education journey.



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